Sierra Leone

HI has set up an income generating programme for the benefit of Sierra Leone's war amputees. The beneficiaries live in a government resettlement camp outside the capital Freetown, where these victims of war find it extremely difficult to fend for themselves and their families. Ten families benefitted from monthly micro grants for nine months, which have enabled them to set up and run their own small businesses. . For more on Sierra Leone's war amputees, victims of one of the worst civil wars in Africa's modern history, please visit:

Ebola Orphans

August, 2015

Friends of the Chairman of Heeno International made a donation to St. George's Orphanage, in Free Town, on June 13th, 2015, for the benefit of orphans of the Ebola epidemic in Sierra Leone. The money was used to buy food, school materials and clothing for 25 orphans. The ceremony took place at the school and was attended by Dr Yero Baldeh, Resident Representative of the African Development in Sierra Leone, in his private capacity. Dr Baldeh reported that "the gifts were well received" and called for "more assistance of this type in the future." The handing over ceremony was also attended by the Manager and kids of the orphanage, HI's representative in Sierra Leone, Mr Amadu Barrie, and others.