Our Mission

HI views humanity and the world as one, in their origins and interdependence. HI also believes that global poverty and environmental crisis are the two main challenges of our world today. Therefore, HI's mission is to contribute to the advancement of education, understanding and socio-economic development in The Gambia and other countries in and outside Africa. However, due to its limited resources, HI's activities have almost exclusively been focused on Africa, particularly The Gambia.)


HI's objectives are to:

  • Increase understanding and compassion in The Gambia and elsewhere through assistance to the poor/needy;
  • Provide education and understanding relevant to socio-economic development and peace in The Gambia and other countries;
  • Promote understanding, respect for diversity, and tolerance among people through conflict prevention and resolution of disputes;
  • Provide infrastructure, social services and increased economic opportunities to the less privileged so as to combat poverty and conflict;
  • Increase awareness of the global environmental crisis, conservation and sustainable development;
  • Raise awareness of the global and regional narcotics problem and actively seek to educate youths on the dangers of drug use and abuse;
  • Prevent cruelty to animals and promote a more harmonious relationship between man and nature; and
  • Undertake its own income-generating activities to finance its projects and programmes.