HI provides funding of different amounts, depending on the nature of the need and whether the applicant is an individual or institution/association. The nature of the activity or project, its urgency, the ability/inability of the applicant to access other sources of funding and, above all, the impact of the money on the beneficiary are the key factors that are taken into account when making a decision on who to assist. Funding over $1,000 per annum are provided mainly to institutions, associations and community projects which clearly benefit groups rather than a few individuals. Our goal is to make a difference in people's lives; in trying to do so our beneficiaries are carefully targetted and even the smallest of our grants is aimed at a big impact. In addition to grants funding is provided for income-generating projects, mainly through profit-sharing agreements.

HI funds projects and activities mainly in:

  • Education
  • Environment
  • Agriculture
  • Health
  • Humanitarian/social welfare, based on clearly demonstrated need (eg. orphans and emergency aid)
  • Micro or small scale entrepreneurship
  • Activities which promote mutual understanding and peace among human beings.
  • Priorities and regions of focus are established for each year by the board. For 2013 the priority sectors are Education, the Environment, health, micro or small-scale entrepreneurship and humanitarian projects/activities in East, North and West Africa and outside Africa in Malaysia.

    Projects are selected twice a year (January and June) by the Project Committee, headed by the Executive Director. All current projects were generated through the interactions of the relevant communities with our staff, consultants, and representatives who live in and/or regularly visit the communities. Unsolicited applications may be considered based on the availability of funding, how urgent the needs are, the amount of funding requested, the impact, and how well presented they are.

    Our aim is to help beneficiaries help themselves. Therefore, our staff, consultants and volunteers keenly monitor the utilization of funds granted, which are generally disbursed in installments based on performance over specified periods.

    HI is currently active in eight countries: The Gambia, Sierra Leone, Ghana, Mauritania, Egypt, Sudan, Guinea-Bissau and Morocco.